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Why the Tiger

Fierce, tenacious, sleek, smart and clever. Those are but a few of theadjectives that come to mind when one thinks of the tiger.

We named our company, Tiger Leasing, so that our customers, vendors andfinancial partners would call to mind these attributes when they dobusiness with us.As our customer, you can count on your Tiger team to work smart andefficiently. Just like the tiger, we are tenacious and aggressive infinding the right path through the business jungle to satisfy your needs.Our customer-centric philosophy enables us to provide you with the best,lowest cost, most creative financing alternatives available.

At Tiger Leasing, the tiger is our inspiration.Peter Matthiessen, in his beautifully written and photographed book,Tigers in the Snow, says the tiger "is probablyendowed with more fanciful attributes than any other creature known to man."In many cultures, the tiger is regarded as an intermediary betweenheaven and earth, traveling great distances on its healing missions.The tiger is also one of the most written about creatures onthe planet and holds a special, revered place in most societies.

For more information about tigers and to find out how you cansupport efforts to help save this endangered animal go to any one ofthe following sites: (Save The Tiger Fund) (All for Tigers) (Wildlife Conservation Society)

For more information about how to find and acquire the best equipment financingsolutions for your business, click here.



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