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Equipment Leasing 101

When it comes to buying or leasing, the question of whether or not to invest in used or new equipment often arises. Although new equipment is usually the desired option, wouldnít used equipment be a more practical, economical option? There are pros and cons to each choice and should be weighed heavily before financing.

Pros of Financing Used Equipment

If youíre looking to acquire commercial equipment for your business, while also trying to avoid dishing out loads of cash, then leasing might just be the solution.

Essentially, equipment leasing involves going through Tiger Leasing to obtain equipment, rather than through borrowing from a bank. While banks will require you to put down some cash, leasing companies donít. Additionally, borrowing from a bank takes up valuable credit lines; you donít have to worry about that with leasing. Instead, youíll be able to create an individualized program unique to your businessís cash flow and existing resources, without the necessity of an up-front down payment or tied-up credit line. Itís simply unreasonable for some businesses to have to borrow from a bank to obtain essential commercial equipment.

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The typical process for obtaining equipment through commercial leasing is simple. First, you (the individual representing the company, association or organization using the equipment) fill out a short credit application. Occasionally, you may be required to provide more financial information. Once the application is filled out and submitted, Tiger Leasing will review it and, once approved, you will be sent the lease documents for signing. A purchase order is then issued to your equipment vendor, and upon the delivery and your acceptance, the lease begins.

At Tiger Leasing, our team of experts knows what it takes to craft a personalized program to meet the needs of businesses. We offer a plethora of customized programs to enable businesses to acquire the equipment they need and fast. Our leases are structured so that you donít have to wait to begin utilizing the equipment; your only initial expense will be the first and last rental payment. Whether your business is a start-up or an established brand, we know weíll be able to find you a financial solution thatís reasonable and reliable. Conserve cash and credit lines Ė lease. Apply online, or contact Tiger Leasing, today!



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