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Get Started With Tiger

  1. Call us. We want to know all about you and the products you sell. The more we understand your business, the better we can execute. We want to create an experience of leasing that simply takes care of your needs at every stage of the sale - so tell us how you sell. Speak to one of our knowledgeable Marketing Managers who will answer any questions you may have.
  2. Do the paperwork. Just print a downloadable Vendor Profile (in pdf format) and fax it to us. We will call you upon receipt.
  3. Have your customers fill out a downloadable application (in pdf format) and fax it to us. We will call you with a determination within 24 hours of receiving their application.

A Directory of Tools

Let LeaseQuote™ 2.1 Work For You!

Instantly generate a leasing proposal for your customer with Tiger's LeaseQuote™.LeaseQuote™ utilizes a simple Excel Spreadsheet: Just type in the equipment cost andyou're done! LeaseQuote™ automatically calculates monthly payments for lease termsfrom 12 to 60 months.

  • LeaseQuote™ is free
  • LeaseQuote™ can be customized with your company's logo
  • LeaseQuote™ is a great closing tool. Have your client sign LeaseQuote™ and your transaction, with terms already agreed, is closed and ready to go!

What salespeople are saying about LeaseQuote™

"It's a phenomenal tool. I used it to create a point
 and click calculator to do mycosting."

"What a great idea! I'm including it in all my proposals
 to my customers!"

"Works so well. Thanks!"

"What a useful tool! Forwarded it to the President of our company to
 distribute to allthe reps."

Download LeaseQuote™ Now!

Need A Rate Sheet? Download Now!

Leasing As a Closing Tool

Here's a great PowerPoint tutorial that provides you with everything you need to know to use leasing as a closing tool in your presentations. It includes the benefits of leasing, selling tips, and more. Download this valuable sales aid now!

Leasing Information Sheets For Your Sales Presentations

When preparing your sales proposals, give your customers more ways to say YES! whenpurchasing equipment from you. To conserve cash in today's volatile economy, give yourcustomers the quick and easy option to lease the equipment. Just download our user-friendly Leasing Information Sheets, which give your customer the facts about equipment leasing - and how it benefits their business. Include these customer-friendly LeasingInformation Sheets with your proposal and watch your sales grow!

Discover 7 Steps to Great Equipment Financing

Here's a quick primer on how to be effective in utilizing leasing as a closing tool. Follow these seven steps and watch your sales grow! Download this valuable tool now. We can also send this to you as a laminated card ( 5 3/4" x 4 1/2") for easy reference. Just send an email to info@tigerleasing.com and type in "7 Steps" in the subject line.

Download Our Tiger Tales Newsletters

Tiger Offers a Great Deferred Lease Program

Offer your customers and prospects a way to take delivery of your equipment now and deferregular lease payments for six months! There isn't a more powerful selling tool available inthe marketplace today.

The first six months after an equipment acquisition is often a crucial time when there is a"ramp up" period. Equipment may not have yet reached its full revenue-producing capacityor cost savings levels. Our Deferred Payment Lease defers regular payments until theexpected cash flows from the equipment are achieved. For the first six months, a minimalmonthly payment of $99 is charged.

Our Deferred Payment Lease covers all types of equipment including software!

Call us for more information on this program or click here to request a quote.

The Tiger Link

Link your website to ours, and offer your customers an affordable alternative to acquire yourequipment. When companies see how easy, and affordable leasing is, they are more apt toacquire even more equipment than they originally planned, rather than skimp and just get bywith the minimum.

Offer your customers a complete package right down to the most important part: Give them aquick and easy solution for how they can pay for the equipment.

Here are some suggested links as well as verbiage to put on your site:

Leasing Intelligence™ Gives You The Edge

How would you like to receive up-to-date information on your clients' leases - (the monthly payments, purchase options, maturity date and more)?

Our Tiger Leasing Intelligence™ enables us to work with you in empowering your customers to upgrade or add to their leases. We create innovative, customized lease programs that provide you with additional sales opportunities.

Here's how it works: when we issue a purchase order to you, that transaction is placed in our Leasing Intelligence™ database. We will automatically send valuable sales information to you on that customer every six months, notifying you of the specifics of the lease and when it terminates.

Use Tiger Leasing Intelligence™ to show your customers how you can support their needs by reducing their monthly outlay, upgrading their equipment to new technology, and more. Let Tiger Leasing Intelligence™ support you in strengthening your relationships with your customers, give you an edge over the competition, and increase your sales in the process!


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