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What people are saying about Tiger Leasing...

One of the best gauges of a Company's effectiveness is its ability to provide demonstrable benefits to its customers. At Tiger, we don't just strive to satisfy our clients our goal is to support our customers' success!

We go beyond satisfying the need for equipment leasing. We ensure that our customers have what's needed to be successful in what they do. We look at every leasing transaction as but one facet of a customer relationship that's why our customers call on us whenever they have a need for equipment financing. Over 70% of our customers have leased with us more than once, and many have been customers for over 10 years! Here is what our customers are saying about us.

Gutenberg Printing
"You have helped us prosper in good times as well as survive in lean times. Thanks for your continuing support." Click here to read more.

A.H. Schreiber Co., Inc.
"Never in the 25 years that I have been the financial head of a company, has a leasing company responded as quickly as your company has in the preparation of documents and follow-up with the vendors so that there is a smooth payout to them as well as the reimbursement to us of our deposits. I would also like to add that in terms of your competitiveness of rates, there has not been one transaction where I have received a better quote since our relationship began. Please keep up the good work."
Click here to read more.

Stern & Montana, LLP
"Unlike other leasing companies, Tiger factors in human elements when analyzing financing deals. Indeed, while other companies and banks stick to rigid, formulaic scorecards for processing lease applications, Tiger smartly reviews and considers intangibles that equally bear on an applicant's creditworthiness. Moreover, like its namesake suggests, Tiger is aggressive and knows how to get the transaction done quickly and at competitive rates!" Click here to read more.

Phipps Houses
"We found your rates more than competitive and the rapidity in which you funded the leases was, at times, astonishing." Click here to read more.

Scheichet & Davis, P.C.
"You have made a process which can be complex very easy. You provided comfort to our firm, as we know that Tiger Leasing is always there to take care of our financial needs in the acquisition of various equipment. Not only has Tiger Leasing been a wonderful resource for our firm, but I have received the same compliments from clients that I have referred to you to take care of their leasing needs. It has been great having a TIGER on our side." Click here to read more.

"We have been a satisfied client of Tiger Leasing since 1998. With Tiger's expertise, we have been able to secure many leases over the past few years that have supported our equipment needs as our sales have tripled. Tiger's staff has always been there for us and have done all that is possible in meeting our requests, especially recently where Tiger secured two leases for a large equipment purchase in just a few business days."
Click here to read more.

Eyeboogie Inc.
"I'm happy to report that we've been thrilled with our leasing experience every time and we will continue to lease with Tiger as long as we're in this business. I feel like Steve and his staff really "get it", meaning they listen and understand each company's unique situation when it comes to their business leasing needs. Steve and his team are extremely flexible and accommodating and have helped us solve many problems throughout the years. Furthermore, I feel like the Tiger name carries respect and cache in the industry that you don't get with other leasing companies." Click here to read more.

Shiffer Burdick Litchfield Magnuson Architects
"It was like a breath of fresh air to encounter your professional and up front attitude. You inspired confidence and followed through on your promises." Click here to read more.

Milstein Properties Corp.
"Your firm's rates have always been extremely competitive. If you recall we closed some leases within a couple of days. I have never worked with a leasing company capable of such a quick turnaround. Your firm was very flexible and efficient insuring to meet our needs and help accomplish our goals quickly and effortlessly." Click here to read more.



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