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Telecommunication Equipment Leasing Answers the Call

Telecommunication equipment leasing could be the answer to all your business needs. Imagine a reasonable, cost-efficient alternative to purchasing new telecommunication equipment. You are in luck; Tiger Leasing offers a diverse selection of leasing options for your business and telephone leasing programs for any business venture.

Telecommunication Equipment

Leasing telecommunication equipment through Tiger Leasing is simple. All you need to do is fill out a one-page application. Other financial information may be required such as tax returns or financial statements in certain instances. Once received, the lease documents are prepared by our team of specialized leasing professionals and sent back for you to sign. A purchase order is then issued to your phone system vendor and upon delivery of the telephone systems and acceptance by you, all aspects of your telecom network are paid for and the lease commences.

For your protection, we do require that your telecommunication products be insured. Simply instruct your personal insurance agent to send a certificate of insurance to us at no additional cost to you.

Telecommunication Equipment Financing Programs

At Tiger Leasing, we work to create the perfect financing program for each of our customers. The only upfront costs for our telecommunication equipment are the first and last monthly payment. We structure these programs so that payments are smaller and applied to your total lease payments, unlike a bank's required down payment.

We do expect a nominal documentation and filing fee for processing the lease documents and filing UCC-1 financing statements if required in your state. Should your commercial equipment leasing requirements increase; you can upgrade your telephone system with new or more advanced equipment at any time. We simply ask that any business telephone systems added to your lease cost $5000 or more..

Advantages of Leasing Telecommunication Equipment

With our expertise, we can help you find the best telecommunication equipment to fit your business objectives. Telephone leasing has many benefits including:

  • 100% Financing Soft costs such as shipping, software, training and installation are included in your telephone leasing program.
  • Eliminate Obsolescence Telecommunication equipment leasing lets you regularly upgrade your office and other business telecom material anytime to new state-of-the-art models.
  • Overcome Budget Limitations If your budget is limited at the moment, telecommunication equipment leasing may be perfect for you. Leasing allows for quick budget approval due to its small monthly expense.

Contact a Tiger Leasing representative today for any telecommunication leasing questions or call us to see how we can help you and your business needs!



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