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Cutting Edge Restaurant Equipment Leasing

What is your restaurant’s famous dish? Is it deep dish pizza with mounds of mozzarella? Is it Grandma’s chili recipe? Or is it your locally caught Friday night fish fry? No matter what the dish, all restaurant owners, managers and chefs understand the importance of having the right restaurant equipment. Without the proper restaurant equipment, chefs would not be able to cook, bake, sauté, slice or create their signature dishes. The price of running a restaurant is expensive; acquiring top of the line restaurant equipment to stay competitive doesn't have to be.

Financing Your Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment financing is made simple when you structure a lease through Tiger Leasing. Listed below are a few of the restaurant equipment leasing options we provide. We will happily work with you and your team to tailor a custom solution for you!

  • Operating Lease – Option to purchase the restaurant equipment at the end of the lease for its Fair Market Value.
  • Lease Purchase – Allows you to buy the restaurant equipment at the end of the lease term for $100.
  • Step-up / Step-down Payments – These leases can be structured so that payments are set to match a company's cash flow needs. Payments can start low and then increase during the later years of the lease, or payments can start high and then decrease, minimizing finance charges.
  • Venture Leases - For start-up restaurants, Tiger offers an equipment lease in which we provide 100% financing. To qualify, the restaurant should have venture capital backing and enough cash on hand to justify the projections in its business plan.

Restaurant Equipment Available to Lease

At Tiger Leasing we have a variety of restaurant equipment for you to choose from. Anything you need to cook, clean, wash, grill or cool from bakery equipment to restaurant ovens, Tiger Leasing can provide. Contact us directly to ask about the specific equipment and utensils your restaurant needs to stay competitive!

Benefits of Leasing Restaurant Equipment

  • Improve your restaurant's productivity - If your outdated equipment is contributing to slower service, you can turn more tables by leasing new equipment.
  • Customized Leasing Options – Tiger Leasing works with you, the owner, to bring you financing options to give you exactly what you need an affordable price.
  • Conserve Cash and Working Capital – Cash is not tied up in equipment. So you can use the extra money to hire that amazing chef or add a new dish to the menu.
  • Overcome Budget Limitations – Just starting up a restaurant and have a limited budget? Restaurant financing is easy when you lease. We are known for our quick budget approval due to the small monthly expenses.
  • 100% Coverage – We finance 100% of the soft costs such as shipping, software, training and installation. And unlike a bank loan, there is no down payment or compensating balances required.

Tiger Leasing has been a trusted choice for restaurant equipment leasing across the United States. Check out some of success stories and see why! To get started, submit an online equipment lease application or contact us today.



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