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Leasing Programs

Tiger Leasing offers a wide variety of equipment leasing programs to enable your company to acquire the equipment it needs with the innovative financing solution that works best for you.

  • Lease Purchase ($100 Buy-Out)
    This equipment leasing plan allows you to buy the equipment at the end of the lease termfor a nominal amount of $100.

    For most companies that intend to keep the equipment at the endof the lease, this is the best option. In essence, you are building "equity"in the equipment, so you can also sell the equipment at the end of the leaseor trade it in for the latest technology. Tiger Leasing can assist youin selling the equipment at the expiration of your lease. (This lease isalso known as a Capital Lease.)

  • Operating Lease (Fair Market Value Buy-Out)
    This structure provides you with the option to purchase the equipmentat the end of the lease for its then Fair Market Value, continue leasingthe equipment based on its Fair Market Value, or return theequipment.

    The payment during the term is lower than on a leasepurchase, but the cost at the end of the lease is higher. In mostcases, there is a "cap" on the Fair Market Value of 10% of the originalcost of the equipment.

  • Venture Leases
    For start-up companies, Tiger offers a lease in whichwe provide 100% financing. To qualify, the Company should haveventure capital backing and enough cash on hand to justify theprojections in its business plan. For those companies that do nothave a venture capital investor, Tiger can usually structure a leasepartially collateralized by cash or marketable securities.

  • Other Programs

    • Deferred Payment
      This program is attractive to companies in which theequipment will be used for a project that won't generaterevenue for a short period of time, possibly three to sixmonths. The lease is structured so that the initial months havenominal or no payments.

    • Seasonal Payment
      This lease is designed for those businesses with seasonalcash flows. We can design a lease where the payments mightbe lower during the summer months and higher during the restof the year.

    • Step-up / Step-down payments
      This can be structured so that lease payments can be set upto match a company's cash flow needs. Payments can startlow and then increase during the later years of the lease, orpayments can start high and then decrease, minimizingfinance charges.

    • Municipal Lease
      This program is available to all city and state agencies such as public schooldistricts, municipal hospitals, police and fire departments. Due to the taxexempt status of the Lessee, rates are much lower than standard commercial rates.

Apply for your equipment lease today! Print a downloadable application (in pdf format) and fax it to us at our New York location, or apply online using our secure application. Other financial information may be requested in connection with the lease application. Upon submission of your application, you will be contacted by a Tiger Leasing representative.

Be sure to read the article titled: Is Equipment Leasing The Right Choice For Your Business? for additional assistance.



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