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Gain Financial Strength From Equipment Leasing Companies!

Why choose equipment leasing companies? Tiger is an equipment leasing company that supports businesses in so many valuable ways. Equipment leasing companies help conserve your cash and working capital, so your money is available for marketing opportunities, working capital and cash flow needs. As an equipment leasing company, Tiger also allows you to preserve your bank line of credit - leaving borrowing availability untouched and ready for use in operating and short term financing needs. For additional information, read the Top 10 Reasons Why Leasing Equipment Is Much Smarter Than Borrowing From a Bank.

Providing you with exactly what is needed to succeed, Tiger equipment leasing companies provide essential support to small and large businesses alike.

What makes Tiger equipment leasing programs such a valuable resource is quick and easy credit approval, flexible payment options, knowledgeable personnel, and customized service and support.

Tiger Leasing provides leasing programs for computer and software, manufacturers and contractors, printers, professional firms, telephone systems, medical, hospitals and restaurants.

Tiger is a leasing company that utilizes our many innovative lease services, your business can gain a variety of tax benefits and deductions, overcome budget limitations and regularly upgrade machinery, and technology to avoid obsolescence. Whether you require financing acquisitions for $5,000 or $5,000,000, Tiger can provide leasing and financing solutions customized to meet your individual company needs and objectives better than any other financing source. Use our Tax Savings Calculator to find out how to lower the true cost of ownership on your business equipment.

Our financing alternatives include Lease Purchases in which you may purchase at the end of the lease contract for a nominal fee of $100, Operating Leases in which you have the option to purchase for Fair Market Value and Venture Leases where Tiger provides 100% financing. Other alternatives include Deferred, Seasonal, Step-up / Step-down payments and Municipal leases.

Fast Approval With Flexible Options.

With our quick and easy credit approval process, flexible payment options, and knowledgeable support team, we're a valuable resource to you, the business owner. Please read our article, Credit Scores and the Lease Approval Process for information about how we utilize credit scores when reviewing your application.

We offer an online full-service financing solution to your customers and prospects. You can review the benefits, calculate their monthly payments, and apply online. YOU receive immediate notification of approval status. Simply add our web address to your website and watch your sales grow.

Our principals have over 35 years combined experience in assisting salespeople in the field. We have seen almost every imaginable transaction, and have the experience to get the deals done. We "dig" hard to uncover information and create innovative solutions that can turn a difficult deal into an approved one.

Before any lease application is submitted to a credit manager, your representative researches the transaction in order to better understand and overcome any potentially problematic information that could be a hindrance to getting the deal done.



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