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Tiger Leasing is your computer finance and leasing solution.

High tech computer finance programs can take a major bite out of your budget unless you call on Tiger Leasing. Our innovative computer finance programs enable companies to get the computer equipment and software they need, at a price they can afford. Tiger computer finance agreements have leveled the playing field by giving even the smallest companies the tech power they need to compete with much larger organizations. Tiger Leasing's computer finance agreements provide 100% financing on equipment and software. If you choose, we can also include maintenance and training into the finance package!

Make our 35 years of leasing experience work for you.

With over 35 years of combined management experience, we structure innovative computer finance leasing programs for acquisition of information technology, furniture and telecommunications equipment. Best of all, you can choose the computer finance program that's best for your company!

1. Lease Purchase with $100 Buy Out:
You can buy the equipment at the end of your computer finance lease term, for a nominal amount of $100. For most companies that intend to keep their computer systems at the end of the lease, this is the best leasing and finance option.

2. Operating Computer Lease with Fair Market Value:
This computer financing structure gives you plenty of options. At the end of the lease, you can purchase the equipment for its then fair market value, continue to lease the equipment or return the equipment. This lets you find the right balance for you between monthly payments and overall cost.

3. Venture Leases:
Start-up companies love Tiger Venture Leases because we provide 100% financing. To qualify, you need venture capital backing and enough cash on hand to justify the projections in your business plan.

4. Deferred Payment:
This approach helps you acquire the technology you need now to reach long term goals. The lease is structured so the initial months have nominal or no payments.

Tiger helps you make the most of your cash flow

Commercial equipment leasing allows you to immediately equip yourself to earn money without having to take on huge overhead expenses. Your only initial cash outlay is the first and last payment. The new equipment, with its operating efficiencies, pays for itself as you use it ... over time. Profits are generated by the use rather than the ownership of equipment. Ownership can be an expensive luxury!

Our lease programs provide 100% computer financing of the cost of the equipment. You can include "soft" costs such as shipping, software, training, and installation. Unlike a bank loan, there is no down payment or compensating balances required. Cash is not tied up in computer equipment. Instead, money is available for opportunities such as marketing, working capital, or seasonal cash flow needs. Our computer lease approval process is quick and efficient. Read our article, Credit Scores and the Lease Approval Process for information about how we utilize credit scores when reviewing your application.

Tiger Leasing makes it easy to succeed.

Tiger tells you up front about every aspect of their lease programs and is more than willing to answer all of your questions. You can calculate monthly payments with our Lease Calculator - LeaseCalc™. You can also download a lease application, print it, fax it or apply online.

If you have any questions, just ask! Our marketing representatives are always available to assist in finding the right program at the right price for you and your organization. Find out now why Tiger is your top solution!



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