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Computer Financing and Leasing

As an independent equipment leasing company, we understand how important computers and software can be to businesses across industries. Computer leasing allows businesses to obtain the technology and software they need, through innovative and flexible computer financing programs. As integral as this equipment is to a business, it is often overlooked based on assumptions that it is too expensive or that it is outdated too quickly. While the right technology can be pricey, the value it adds to a business makes it impossible to ignore. With the right computer leasing program, you can acquire the equipment your brand needs at the right price.

Advantages of Leasing Computer Equipment

  • Avoid Technology Obsolescence – Computers and software often become outdated very quickly. While the latest and greatest technology is constantly being updated, through computer leasing you won’t be stuck with outdated technology in the future. You can upgrade your computer equipment on a regular basis with the right leasing program.
  • Conserve your Working Capital – Why tie up your cash in computer equipment that will be obsolete in a few years’ time? Conserve your money through an equipment lease so you’re ready for marketing, seasonal cash flow needs or other opportunities to help your business grow.
  • Outsmart the Banks – Leasing is 100% financing, which means there is no down payment or compensating balances for you to worry about. You can even include “soft costs” like shipping, software and training into your computer equipment lease through Tiger Leasing!
  • Let your Equipment Pay for Itself – The monthly payment structure (as opposed to a large down payment) allows you to make the most of your equipment from the beginning so it pays for itself over time.

Computer Financing Programs through Tiger Leasing

  • Computer Lease Purchase - You are able to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term, for the amount of $100.
  • Operating Lease - With this leasing structure, you have the option to purchase your computer equipment at the end of the lease term for its Fair Market Value.
  • Deferred Payment – When equipment is to be used for a project that won't generate revenue for a short period of time, this lease is structured so the initial months have nominal or no payments.

Computer Equipment Available to Lease

  • Computer Hardware including monitors and LCD displays, workstations and notebooks, servers, firewalls and more
  • Mobile Computer Systems
  • Software including virus protection, data management, business programs and others
  • IT solutions from IBM, CISCO, SUN and more
  • Online and Network Storage
  • Computer and IT support

Don’t let your competition win because of outdated computer technology. Tiger Leasing has everything you need to stay on the cutting edge with innovative financing solutions that will really work for your company. For more information about computer leasing, contact a Tiger Leasing representative today.



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