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Equipment Lease Calculator

Use our equipment lease calculator - LeaseCalc™ to determine an approximate monthly payment on the equipment you are acquiring. Please note that your actual monthly payment is subject to credit review and may be higher or lower than what is displayed on the equipment lease calculator - LeaseCalc™.

1.Select the Lease Program
you are considering.

You can choose either a $100 buyout at the end of the lease or a Fair Market Value buyout (not to exceed 10% of the original equipment cost).

2.Enter the Equipment Cost.

3.Click Calculate. Our equipment lease calculator - LeaseCalc™ automatically provides you with the monthly payments for a lease term of one to five years.

Monthly payments calculated are estimates and may vary depending upon market conditions. Payments do not include applicable taxes and fees. Any offer is subject to credit approval and final approved documentation.

Contact a Tiger Leasing representative at:

(212) 791-2250 or

for assistance.




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