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Business Equipment Leasing and Financing Programs

Through Tiger Leasing, business equipment leasing can provide businesses of all sizes, across all industries with a simple, budget friendly option for acquiring the equipment and technology necessary for staying competitive. Whether you need computer equipment, office furniture, medical equipment, upgraded software or restaurant equipment, Tiger Leasing can help. We specialize in business equipment leasing and we have helped customers across industries acquire the equipment they need through flexible, budget-friendly financing programs.

Issues to Consider when Contemplating Business Equipment Leasing

When you are trying to decide between business equipment leasing and purchasing new equipment, many things need to be considered. The experienced team at Tiger Leasing presents these considerations for you to take into account:

  • Will you want the new business equipment for the long term or short term?
  • Will this equipment be dated quickly? How soon will you need to replace it to stay competitive?
  • How will an equipment lease vs. a purchase impact your taxes?
  • What other expenditures do you have coming up? Can you afford to purchase new equipment?
  • Would you like the option of owning your new equipment at the end of the lease period?

Progress and Growth through Business Equipment Leasing

Companies have the opportunity to upgrade their business equipment without spending their cash and working capital. Leasing allows you to hold onto your money for other opportunities. You are able to upgrade your equipment or acquire the necessary technology while still investing in advertising and marketing initiatives, personnel development and staffing needs, or seasonal cash flow needs. Existing lines of credit and borrowing availability are left untouched with equipment leasing so they are available for operational and short-term financing needs.

Tiger Leasing understands that businesses have budget limitations, purchasing new business equipment can eat up budgets in the blink of an eye. Business equipment leasing provides companies with small monthly expenses rather than large, up-front payments. This allows your new equipment to pay for itself over time, and also allows you the opportunity to begin using the new business equipment immediately.

At Tiger Leasing, we are committed to helping our clients succeed. We work with the top equipment vendors in the industry and make sure our clients have what they need to be successful. Contact Tiger Leasing so that we can help you structure a business equipment lease and financing package to help your company thrive. Whatever challenges you're facing or goals you're looking to achieve, Tiger Leasing can help!



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