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Locating The Technology Your Fleet Needs With Business GPS Leasing

From private transportation companies and service vehicles to bus companies and city agencies, there are numerous industries that rely on providing quality, timely and reliable transportation to keep business running. When you’re in charge of a fleet of drivers, it’s important that you provide them with the GPS equipment they need to get the job done.

Having the right equipment to get where you need to be is a powerful business tool because time wasted is money wasted. However, buying the GPS technology you need for your fleet of police cars, trucks, school buses and other vehicles can be very pricey and oftentimes unaffordable. Luckily, buying this type of equipment isn’t the only option! Tiger Leasing offers a number of flexible leasing programs that help make your GPS equipment more affordable for your fleet of vehicles:

  • Lease Purchase – If you intend to keep your GPS equipment once your lease is up, this program may be the option for you. When your term has ended, this option allows you to buy your equipment for the small fee of $100.
  • Operating Lease – With this program, you have the option to purchase your business GPS technology at the end of your lease for its Fair Market Value, continue leasing the equipment based on Fair Market Value or return it.
  • Venture Leases – If you’re a startup business, this might be the best GPS leasing option for you because we provide 100% financing to qualifying companies.

The Benefits of Leasing Business GPS Equipment

  • Affordable monthly lease payments allow you to use your equipment right away and only pay for what you use. This allows you to start generating profit right away versus having to pay for ownership.
  • With GPS technology, there will likely be a new model of your equipment within a few years of obtaining it. When you buy technology you’re stuck with it, but when you lease you are free to upgrade to newer equipment at any time.
  • Buying any form of technology is a hefty investment that often requires you to tie up your cash. With leasing, you’re able to preserve your lines of credit and use your extra cash for other areas of business.

With the right GPS equipment for your business, you’ll never get lost on unfamiliar streets, have to stop to ask for directions or take the long way to your destination again. Contact Tiger Leasing to learn more about how you can maximize efficiency with the help of business GPS equipment.



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