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Automotive Equipment Leasing Industry

According to the United States Department of Commerce, the U.S. is home to one of the largest auto markets worldwide, with 13 auto manufacturers, hundreds of thousands of jobs and a flourishing auto equipment industry to match. Automotive equipment is a broad category, ranging from heavy-duty vehicle parts to installation machinery. Below are some examples of the variety of different equipment types included in this category:

With such a competitive market, small repair shops are competing with large, well-established auto dealers. Getting quality, long-lasting, up-to-date equipment is an important necessity in order to keep up with demand and outpace competitors.

Why Lease Automotive Equipment

How can you develop and maintain a successful automotive operation? Current tools and technologies are a key selling point to customers concerned about efficiency, affordability and safety. Unfortunately, automotive equipment can be an expensive investment up-front, which is why leasing can be a welcomed financing solution. Whether you’re starting a small auto repair shop, running a car wash business or expanding your already large dealership, the benefits of choosing a lease stand out:

  • Zero down payments
  • Quick budget approval
  • Keep your equipment up-to-date
  • Avoid paying for things you won’t use
  • Have the ability to include extra costs in your lease like training, shipping, software and installation
  • The opportunity for tax benefits
  • Keeping your credit lines open
  • Why Tiger Leasing Stands Above

    Unlike other leasing companies, Tiger Leasing has a commitment to working with clients to build highly customized, affordable programs that are unique to your wants, needs and budget. With the fierce, tenacious, smart, sleek and clever tiger being the inspiration behind our name and business, these attributes are a core component of our customer-centric philosophy. You are able to rest assured knowing your automotive leasing equipment program is being handled by experienced experts.

    Hear our success stories on our website and contact a Tiger Leasing representative today to learn more about how we can assist you with your automotive equipment needs.



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